Customer loyalty made simple.

"Barcode" your way to extra profits & help the environment, too!

"Customers spend an average of 70 minutes with each cup of coffee."
~ Edison Research

And keep in mind, the sleeve is being viewed by many more...  There is no better advertisement than a personal endorsement.

Coffee drinkers consume 1.1 billion cups of coffee daily – worldwide.

For Retailers: Groceries Stores, Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Nail Salons & Spa.

For Hospitality: Restaurants, Food-to-Go (Food Express), Smoothies Drinks, Ice-Cream Shops.


The World's First Customer Loyalty Barcode System

Our patent-pending barcode
"Bring Your Coffee Sleeve Back" customer loyalty program is the world's first to use coffee sleeves. Consumers and businesses both save money. How? With a simple scan of their reusable coffee sleeve or shopping bag, customers receive the benefits of your retention program and are encouraged to come back again and again. This means more profits for you.

Leverage your customers' daily habit of morning java and "bring them back" to you!

Whether you're a small mom & pop shop or a Fortune 500 company, you can use this effective and competitively priced advertising program to create workable loyalty incentives.

And it works with reusable shopping bags, too!

Our environmental commitment

For every sleeve or bag sold, we donate a portion of the profits to a cause that fights climate change.




About Us

"All human inventions progress from the complex to the simple and that perfection is always simplicity."
~ Alexandre Dumas

Who We Are

SleeveOn is a group of innovators and builders. We love to innovate and develop simple solutions. Our goal is to make the daily lives of customers and businesses easier and more profitable.

Our Products

Our patent-pending barcode system is the "missing link" in customer loyalty programs. It offers reusable coffee sleeves and shopping bags to incentivize your customers to come back again and again.

Good for Your Brand

Customers will want to keep using your coffee sleeves and shopping bags which means your logo and brand will be seen by more people.

Good for the Environment

Reusing the coffee sleeves and shopping bags reduces unnecessary waste. AND, we donate a portion of every sleeve and bag to an organization that is fighting climate change.

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